«I sometimes wonder if it is not the Prince of Darkness who inspires religions, with the sole aim of distorting the image of God!»

«He who refuses to see God in the images which are shown to him is sometimes nearer than any other to the true image of God.»

«How could he be simultaneously good and all-powerfull?  Is it he who created leprosy and war? Is it he who lets children die and the innocent be ill-treated? Is it he who created the Prince of Darkness and his world? Did he declare that the former does exist? If he could destroy him at one blow, why would he not do so? If he does not wish to destroy the realm of Darkness, it must be because he is not infinitely good; if he wishes to destroy it and cannot do so, then hi is not infinitely powerful.»

«It is to man that he has entrusted the creation. It is up to him in the first place to force the Darkness to retreat.»

«To Him are also attributed desires, fears, anger, moods; some people say He is jealous of at statue, offended by a gesture, concerned about the way we speak, sneeze, dress or undress.»

«The one who follows my way will be able to call on Ahura Mazda and Mithras, the Christ and the Buddha. In the temples which I shall rect, each will come with his own prayers.»

«They dictate to everyone how they must dress, eat, drink, cough, belch, weep, sneeze; what formula they must mutter in every circumstance; which woman they must marry; when to leave her; when to embrace her and in what manner. They cause great and small to live i terror of impurity an impiety.»

«Everywhere the followers of jealous gods rise up around us, and I carry the voice of the generous deity.»

«What judgement? When you close your eyes, the sentence has already been pronounced! By your own lips!»

Mani (216-276)

Sitert etter The Gardens of light av Amin Maalouf

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